Dental Insurance

Dental insurance can be confusing and at times, frustrating. That’s why my team is trained in navigating the complexities of dental insurance plans. We work with most of the plans offered in the Niagara Region - and bill them directly. If you have any questions about your coverage or if we work with them please call our office. We’d be happy to speak with you and your insurance company to find out.

However it is important to understand that dental insurance is not medical insurance. Whereas most medical insurance plans cover the entire cost of treatment -- with the patient contributing only a minimal co-pay -- dental insurance rarely covers an entire procedure.  We work hard to make sure you get the maximum compensation from your dental insurance and accept direct payment from your insurance company so you only need to pay the co-payment on the day of your treatment.

Dr. Olivieri cares about your health and will prescribe treatment based on your oral health needs and cosmetic desires.  All treatment options and fees will be discussed with you so we can determine a treatment plan together that addresses your concerns or cosmetic desires.  We offer affordable payment options for many of our patients, which include payments by Visa, Mastercard, debit, or through a dental financing company such as Dental Card. Its an investment in yourself that is sure to make you smile.

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