Laser Dental Surgery in Niagara Falls, ON by Dr. Greg Olivieri

Dental procedures involving lasers may sound like something from science fiction, but for Dr. Olivieri's patients they are a safe and comfortable reality. Dr. Olivieri is able to treat many oral conditions more comfortably and effectively than ever before with laser technology. We're pleased to offer this service to our valued Niagara Region patients.

Benefits Galore

With laser dentistry we can often:

  • Eliminate cold sore pain, speed healing and reduce recurrence
  • Eliminate denture sore pain
  • Reshape gums without cutting
  • Remove purple spots (venous lakes, hemangiomas) from the lips and oral cavity
  • Benign tumors can be removed from the mouth without stitches
  • Treat gum disease and infections

To learn more about how laser dentistry can benefit you, call our office to set up a consultation.